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Thousand Seas Pavilion Mini Map and Windswept Haven Tavern Proprietor

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Dear Arenanet,

1. Since the launch of EoD, Gamli the Tavern Proprietor in Windswept Haven Guild Hall is no longer at his original place but instead he is standing in the water in the fountain pool. I don't know if he is just trying to cool off from the desert heat but please move him back to his intended position so that I don't have to remove my footwear every time i need to talk to him.

2. The Thousand Seas Pavilion Mini Map is not centralized at maximum zoom out. The Pavilion Island is positioned at the lower half of the mini map, snipping out a third of the island.

Kindly fix these for a much needed better quality of life in the game.

Thank you.

Edited by Mil.3562
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