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WvW Training

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one of the best things you can do is have everyone record their gameplay. then you can either ask em to upload it to youtube so you can watch it (maybe you save a day out of the week where everyone watches it together) or ask them to go over it themselves. it would be helpful if they watched some other videos on how to do it right, and ofc if you were there to answer any questions they had. i guess it would be kinda hard to really point out stuff that you want them to do or not do without watching their gameplay so being dictatorial and specific about class roles and any class specific rotations would be a good way to go about it.

other then that, its only really about following as tight as possible and using whatever specific skills you call for when you call it. 

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A few years ago, the server I was on (Dzagonur back then, EU) held regular class trainings for any one interested, both experienced and new. This is mirrored in some guildies.


Going over basic concepts like terminology, the benefit and detriment of stacking, boons, critical class abilities of synergies between classes, is probably a baseline.


Having regular raid schedules together where the entire guild does something as one is also beneficial.


Finally as suggested by Stand The Wall, nothing beats actual footage, both for error finding by more experienced players but also self-reflection on where one did something incorrectly or very well. I guarantee you, most people are very surprised at watching their own gameplay footage for the first time. Make sure to always maintain a constructive and healthy atmosphere while reviewing.

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Yeah, basically it is done by analyzing gameplay afterwards. 

In 99% of cases where guilds actually do that (not every raiding guild actually does raid analysis) that´s either done by video recording, or by looking at arcdps-logfiles (or both, since arc doesn´t show enemies). 

Also, my guess would be, that the guilds pick specific days to look at specific classes from time to time, and go in-depth with teaching the build, playstyle and asking questions (especially from new members or newer players)

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Or like, run some mini training raid, where you explain all these things and don't go after big fights, but try to still coordinate said commands. First explain the terminology and the need for specific roles/classes to perform those actions, then teach your guildies to learn those things.

It may not sound like much, but you must not expect a quick learning curve from the majority, tho that depends on how much your group wants to improve.

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