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[NA] Looking for a beginner friendly Fractals guild


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I cant call myself a veteran but im not a total newb either. Im a casual player of 7 years amd i have nwver done raids/strikes/dungeons... rarely any fractals. I was a pure PvE person... voming from hard core raiding in another game i want to change that here as well and become more invilved  I am trying to start out fractals from the beginning, from the T1 (Only have 15 scales cleared, from quite a while ago). I want to learn, start my fractal build, scale up and have fun with an openminded group of people who tend to stay up quite late (past 8 pm CST time zone till arou d 3 am during the week, all days on weekends) 

I am open to learning other content like raids or strikes as well

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  • ciema.8523 changed the title to [NA] Looking for a beginner friendly Fractals guild

Guild Medieval: We welcome players of all skill levels, experiences, and walks of life. We are inclusive and pride ourselves on maintaining a friendly, mature, and supportive gaming environment. Our footprint in GW2 is small right now but we are actively recruiting and growing. That said, we're far more interested in finding recruits with the right mindset and personality than we are in bolstering our numbers.

We run Fractals during the evenings US East coast primetime. No problem helping you get teared up. I personally love fractals put groups together 2 - 3 nights a week. Please check out our web site: www.guildmedieval.com. You can learn a little more about us there. If you would like to join, fill out an application on our website. 

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