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Memorie of Otter replaced

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After you have gotten the Ottter Enrichment, you still get all of the Memorie of Otter, which is really annoying tbh
I would love to either get a permanent Item, after you got the Enrichment or if you have the Enrichment, there will be another Achievment, where you need like 250 more Memorie of Otter which gives you a permanent Version of it, but disables that you can get any Memories of Otter. It does exactly the same, so double click the Otter "activates" / shows itself, but its permanent and is not annoying anymore. (And only takes 1 space in Bank / Inventory)

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38 minutes ago, Xerxez.7361 said:

Another idea is to give us an Otter Caretaker who will take Otters from you and offer you Shard of Crystallized Blood of Jormag he found in exchange.

I love this idea, and I'd add that if the caretaker could also offer an otter pet for our home instances, I'd start collecting otters again in a heartbeat!

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