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Unable to progress: Precocious Aurene

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Is it a bug that the Mordrem Leyleecher heals to 100% from pulling Aurene in on its pull-&-siphon attack after the white circles phase, even when I'm safely behind a pillar? I 'm running on Mechanist, but sending my bot away for this fight. Is there a bug where it's healing from that even though it isn't present? Am I just incapable of doing enough DPS to have a smidgen of damage unhealed on it each time?

I'm seriously ready to skip LW3 because of this fight. Geez.

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If I recall the fight correctly, you need to CC and DPS the Leyleecher until the white bonding circle becomes available, then step into said circle to combine your powers.

Since minions help it to heal, it is possible that the Mech does, too.

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