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The Only One

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6 hours ago, Atenhara.2947 said:

I wish someone would add info to the wiki on this fight, all I can do is stand there and die to the 3 champs. The special action key does nothing and there is no info anywhere on what to do.

Special key is a stun break leap that does massive landing damage. 

Don't face-tank the champions.

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7 minutes ago, Galmac.4680 said:

Also dodging towards an enemy makes much damage.


Important note for necros: Avoid skills with self-harm like "Blood is Power"! The bleeding applied to yourself can easily(!!!) kill you.

Aurene: "Here! Have this OP legendary dagger!" 

Commander: " I'm gonna stab myself with it!" 

Aurene: "COMMANDER NO!!!!" 

Commander: " COMMANDER YES!!!" 

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On 5/4/2022 at 3:20 AM, Gibson.4036 said:

This mission is hilarious if you are not the commander. So many enemies, no dragon champion godmode.

At first I was like " how can you not be commander?" 

Then I remembered that this thing called friends exist. 

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