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Arenanet, this has been going on for MONTHS, my friend has been meaning to try this game and hasn't had ANY luck making an account. Everything support has suggested, none of it works! This is ridiculous, this account creation bug has been going on for so long, please fix it ASAP.

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Without knowing what support suggested and what he actually tried, I am very sure that I could make him an account within minutes. Have you tried doing it for him? Has he tried with the same email over and over again (use another one), or always the same password (use another one) or always the same browser (use another one without plugins etc.)?

It seems real weird to not get this done for MONTHS. Just make him one using a new email and give it to him along with the email login data, he can always write to support and change the email to his own later on? (Or just keep using the new mail you made for him, it's not like there is a ton of email communication required to maintain an account)


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