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Gates of Arah Meta Stuck

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The escort event at Cursed Shore with Warmaster Chan (the 1st escort from Meddler's Waypoint) is bugged.

Warmaster Chan refuse to get out of the camp, thus no way to do the meta event (which is NEEDED for A LOT of collections kitten).


Fix it.



I tried to follow the advice of some forum posts to lure the Champion Undead Giant to reset the event. Sadly, after ages of camping the place with a friend, it did spawned but random players cannot apparently read and CC/killed it while I was kiting it to the Warmaster. nice.


Edit No.2: 

Tried again to kite the Champion Undead Giant and yet again random ppl refused to listen. I can't continue and finish Astralaria Collection No.4.

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just to necro this thread, its still bugged lmao, it has been since 2012, look if anet dont want to fix their broken game thats fine if you invalidate your old content like every other mmo with new expansions, but anet dont, yet they keep reusing old content for new content and introducing new bugs, this is just sad.

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