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Gyro Rework - again


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Before the comment gets drowned in that other thread and for more chances the devs or other forum people to notice. Reiterating it here.


I got the inspiration from @Alcatraznc.3869


Rework the gyro to have similar mechanic as the ventari tablet. Press once to summon and do it's (retain well like function) effects. Then press again and point to ground to move the effect around. Much like project tranquility. 


No AI needed hence no clunky pathing, and no health bar to get killed and negate its effects. You also still have full of control of it: you get to choose the direction of blast gyro knockback.


Plus you'd actually have an actual and fully sized gyro around unlike a miniscule lump floating above your head. 


Associated toolbelt: if the gyro is active, effect is done within the gyro's radius. if it is not, effect is done within the player's radius instead.


Function gyro: torn between not changing it's current mechanic or do a pulsing revive similar to druid's glyph of the stars that you can move around. 





With this in mind, maybe this can also be carried over to the catalyst where the jade sphere/animal can move around if you're still within the same attunement.  But with all changes,  it must be tested out thoroughly.

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catalyst detail, clarification of effect
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