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Elementalist "Flamestrike" animation needs an update...


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The scepter auto-attack animation is just plain bad. It looks like your character is trying to do a Statue of Liberty impression/emote but the animation is bugged.


Why not just use the standard scepter wave? At least *that* is a fluid, sensible animation. What we've got now genuinely just looks broken - like a "raise torch" animation that's bugged on loop.


Would be a 15 minute change I'd make for free on a lunch break.

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3 hours ago, talesbfftt.4596 said:

I don't mind it tbh... It's just an aesthetics thing that does not interfere with the gameplay.

I would prefer that they use the time and resources to update the scpeter's Earth Auto attack, which has always been a terrible skill

True story - they could do both.


Hows that for some crazy talk? /eyeroll I can't stand when ppl act like you can only have one or the other.

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When i read repplyes like : "I would prefer anet would use their time and resources on something else.." I just tch like, why can't people just admit that some things in the game really needs polishing, I am not saying that gw2 it's a bad game, just that some things need a lookout, like skills cringe animations, character creation system, game graphics texture wich is starting to show it's age, because other games are out there and they see what other games are lacking, and they will take notes, would be nice if Anet takes notes too. I dare you to say that response again when games like Ashes of Creation will release, 🙂

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