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Hammer or GS for PvP


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If you're LB and want to do ranged, absolutely GS should be your other go-to weapon. Longbow doesn't give you nearly enough defense when you're being pressured. GS gives you the block, counterattack, interrupt / daze, and swoop to disengage. There's also the juicy crits from Maul (especially if you're specced for 2h mastery). 


Hammer can be good but not as your only defensive weapon. It has no blocks and would rely too heavily on one of its Cc moves (Knockdown, daze, blind, cripple, etc) to really count on getting you out of a tight spot. 

-Eros of Ascalon

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This is the problem with untamed, because the entire traitline caters to hammer with how much CC it has.  The problem is GS is the second-best defensive weapon ranger has imo (staff being first).  

So, you're stuck dropping hammer, trying double melee, or just sticking with GS as your defensive weapon.  I have problems with all three at the moment.  

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