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[Concept] WvW Mastery Rework


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Hi everyone,
I have designed a rework of the WvW masteries (yes, those which most veterans do not pay attention to anymore), because most of them feel outdated since 2012. The rework is split into three parts, and each part remains mostly independent. I started this little project in 2017 and I did multiple modifications over the years. There was no clear aim behind it, only to fill my time when I was bored. Given the amount of resources dedicated to WvW, I do not have much expectations, but it might entertain you for a few dozens of minutes today. 
Bonus: there is an (easy) Easter Egg in one of the weapon siege masteries, go find it!
(Uploaded on docdroit.net)
P.S.: this is a GW2 alt account
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From ranks 1-100, I could see the automatic mastery as a good way to get newer players into the right mastery lines early on.

From 100-1000, couldn't care, eventually you get them all anyways.

From 1000-10,000, sorry but not a fan. I just got over 6k ranks after near 10 years, so I'm set, but how many active players are actually over 6k these days? feel like a lot of players will be at a disadvantage to fewer veterans. I especially don't like the combat bonuses, some of them are a little whack tbh (life tether o.O), and I highly doubt anet would go through the trouble to program a lot of them, I'm just going to leave it at that.


You might want to look into the wording of your Chilling fog effects, you made it worse, which I'm sure wasn't the intention.


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