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Does the Druic CA skill 3 (Ancestral Grace) heal the caster?


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Yes, it heals the caster too (this applies to pretty much all skills that can affect allies).

Btw, Ancestral Grace is staff 3. CA3 is called Lunar Impact. Doesn't change my answer tho, it is the same for both skills.

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Thanks for all the replies.   I meant Staff 3 and was also researching CA and just had a brain F.  


I wanted to turn one of my many rangers to a druid, had one with the master points unspent, but didn't want to spend them without knowing STAFF 3,  (grin).    I've read the nerfs, etc but I think it would be slow but unkillable with heal stats etc.   Kiting is always slow anyway.   I don't want to raise any of the newer healers from scratch, but this one is level 80 camping a glorious chest.

I several different classes,  all at least ascended coat, pants, weapons and jewelry.   I play a few of them well enough and others not very well, but they are all 80s.    Then an army of gatherers, campers, etc all rangers.   Gathering with a ranger is trivial; pet on the aggro,  ranger gather,  run,  pull pet,  repeat.    Same for a lot of other situations,  so all odd jobs fall to a ranger.    Pets usually Path of Fire, selected for the task.   So Ill bang out a set of healing stats ascended gear and run a druid. 


Again, thanks.


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Staff 3 is great when you're running reduced cooldowns on swap - you can basically staff 3 + pet swap and then Staff 3 again (cd is like .2s I think). Heals + kiting out the whazzoo.

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