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Ask about RMT (real money trading)

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If you mean can you sell an in-game item to another player for in-game Gold or another in-game item, i.e. Player-to-Player Trading: yes, you can.  But, if you are scammed, you will have no recourse, as it is not officially supported.  And, if you scam someone, your account may be terminated.


If you mean can you buy or sell an in-game item for RL (out-of-game) cash, no:  that would be considered RMT and your account would be terminated.

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No, RMT is not allowed.


If you want to make real-world currency with your guild wars 2 gold/items, you're out of luck. Not allowed.

Same for buying in-game currency and items on third party RMT sites.


You can however trade in-game stuff for in-game stuff, gold for gems, gems for gold.

It IS allowed to buy gold via gems as this is one of the ways ArenaNet makes money and pays for the servers. Buy a gem card, add the gems to your account and exchange the gems to gold.

It is allowed to give away in-game items to other players. Make sure you don't ask any real life (outside the game) payments to enter, this includes social media likes, subscribes and follows.


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