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Another Healing Question

Jalad Lantana.3027

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I have been running the easy 4 strikes every evening for a couple of weeks as a Alacrity/Heals Mech build.  It seems like in every group a Necro often gets really low health bars during the fights.


I have been healing them, but is this necessary, is it some kind of thing where they loose health to do some skill etc.?  or are they often just plain squishy.


Am I doing the right thing, or is it more important that I keep alacrity up?

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Necro has the shroud mechanic that replaces their health. They might appear to be low health, but what you're actually seeing is them having low shroud, their health could be full underneath, plus when in shroud, they cannot be healed anyway. It's very annoying for the healer, but the only way to tell is to pay attention to the squad icon, their health will actually be a different colour, like a dark green. So, yeah, keep doing what you're doing, the necro is fine.

But in general, when you are healing, you shouldn't stop providing your regular support and boons. Crisis Zone and Barrier Burst are free casts for you, you can use them when you are performing other actions since the mech is casting those skills. And you can have a lot of heals rolling at any given time (regen, Elixir Gun 5, Mortar Kit 5), so even if someone is low, they'll be back to full health very soon even without you switching to Med Kit.

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