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Add more uses for Chunk of Ancient Ambergris, better fish food, and more Fishmonger trades for longevity.

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Before I start this post, some of this can already be in the works but here are just some ideas to make Fishing worth doing longterm.


So I keep hearing these questions: "Is fishing profitable?" or "Is fishing worth doing?". And while my answer currently is "Yes", I've gotten an average of about 20 gold per hour more or less fishing, the real question is "How long will fishing be worth doing until it becomes a novelty?".


This was an expansion selling point but the only goals for fishing currently are farming for Ambergris, which you need for legendaries... and tonics, and Achievement Points. The profit in fishing is balanced around Ambergris' price and currently they have limited use. You only need 100 per legendary, which feels like a more easily obtained and less required Amalgamated Gemstone in the longrun. You are fishing for pennies unless you luck out on an exotic or above fish which should not be the case for a more manual node farm. You LOSE gold if you catch masterwork fish as of right now with green fillets being listed at 25 copper since one Jade and Amber lure and one bait use is 48 copper. And fish food will always be outclassed in the meta due to Fishing Power being a useless stat outside fishing.




-Add fish food that can be useful in every content. Make me feel like I'm fishing to feed myself and my guild.


-Add a Daily Trades tab to the fishmonger with cycling random rewards like the ones included in Converters like material bags, Obsidian, Map Currency/Keys, shipments, etc. These trades will randomly cost different amounts fillets of random quality and make each type of fillet useful by turning it into some sort of currency via the Fishmonger. This will make fishing more exciting by wondering what "tomorrow's deal" will be instead of just having your mind set on getting Ambergris and having rewards for every type of player.


-Add more uses for Ambergris by needing more of them for each Gen 3 form or perhaps Ascended Jade Cores or Ascended utility feasts like sharpening stones.



Maybe I'm overestimating the amount of dedicated fishers ingame but these are just some suggestions.

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