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EoD most sold GW2 expansion?


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4 hours ago, Zoid.2568 said:

That's cool! hopefully next expansion will sell even more. 

We don't really know what that means. It could just mean that at the same point in time. EoD sold more copies than POF sold at the same time, which is very different than it completely outselling POF.  I think it's unlikely that EoD sold more copies in 2 weeks than POF did since launch.

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5 hours ago, Zoid.2568 said:

I heard rumours on reddit but without proof that EoD is the most sold of all GW2 expansions. Is this rumour true or false?

Anet announced that it was sometime last year. That's not unbelievable as they built TONS of hype and doubled the player count leading up to EoD. If you think the population is unusually low and that's why you're asking, it's probably because of how disappointing the overall experience with EoD has been. From the crowning meta being a hostage situation that hasn't fully been resolved to the fact alot of people excused poor IB content expecting EoD content to be that much better (and then it wasn't). They really should have just delayed it and did way more player testing. Though with the current devs, i'm not sure they would have listened. I'm not sure the current devs understand players can have fun playing an underperforming 5k dps build with no cc abilities  in OW and then not have fun trying to fill all the roles in their raid comps, playing lfg wars, playing kp wars, learning raid encounters as they currently stand, etc.



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It won’t have outsold PoF in total because PoF has been out longer and almost everyone will have bought it for the mounts. If the rumour has truth, it’s prob within the initial launch period. It was also applauded by magazines critically which helped, although was driven by the setting more than anything 

Given the divisive and short nature of EoD, I think expac 4 will need something utterly groundbreaking to emulate the success of any previous expac.

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Don't underestimate the nostalgia for Cantha. I bet that was by far the #1 wishful thinking from gw2 players that come from Gw1. For many ppl, the return of Cantha to Gw franchise was a dream.

Unlike POF/HOT which needed a build-up, history-telling with mystery to create hype, the EoD just has the name "cantha" to sell itself.

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