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Is there a way to track which events I have not done yet?

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I am trying to do everything once in open world before repeating content (with the notion that I will not remember the content by the time I cycle back to it).
It easily done for maps and story, but not for events so I am looking for a way or tool that would help identify which dynamic and meta events I have not done at least once. 
Since there are hundreds,  I was hoping that there was some tool or approach that could help before I set a manual tracking of some sort.  My Google-fu yielded nothing.


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Most big meta events runs on timer. You can follow them here. Event timers - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W)

For other events not under a timer, there is no tracker that I know of. Some dynamic events have it's own achievement like the ones in Seitung, e.g. Aetherblade Shenanigans - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W)

But most, especially in Core Tyria, don't have its own achievement.

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Events are as the name says, events. So it is not an achievement or an unlock. Also keep in mind it is virtually impossible to do all events there are.  Some of them might not even exist anymore.
Not all events trigger on a timer. An example.
Prevent Inquest thieves from stealing boxes of golem parts and fleeing Soren Draa
This event is very rare. I've done it a few times, but that is almost ten years ago, right after launch. It is believed to trigger when there is a large population of player sin Soren Draa (or perhaps when the event "Help Peacemakers weaken the malfunctioning PM-900a golems" is done in a specific time limit, but effectivly the same thing). The amount of players in Soren Draa  has never been as high enough.

There might even be events in game that have never triggered.

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