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[EU] player seeks story guild


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Hi, hoping there is a casual lore fiend guild out there for me 🙂 CET 18:00-23:00 on weekdays or earlier on weekends also. I'm 36 so 18+ guild preferred, nothing hardcore since I'm just playing to unwind after work on and off. I care about the game story not about speed-running max challenge raids or PvP. If other players seek the same do reply below also, we could get a Friends list going.

I'm going through the story at level 36 currently, preparing for first dungeon at level 40 or so (catacombs unlock at 30 but don't make sense in personal story until level 40 chapter first quest is done). Artificer/Leatherworker level 125 currently growing 25 ranks every 5 character levels above 10 to keep the crafted gear useful. Give a reply if your guild matches up 🙂 thanks! Piken Square linked world preferred.

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