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Combo Fields

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We're seeing a lot of new player traffic, so I thought I'd mention a bit about combo fields as it's a mechanic you don't see in other MMOs.

Here's the detailed explanation:  https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Combo

Basically, you have fields of various types (e.g. fire fields, water fields, etc.).  Then you have various finishers that interact with these fields (e.g leaps, blasts, whirls, and projectiles).

Projectiles and whirls produce projectiles based on the field type.  So a whirl finisher on a fire field will send burning bolts in random directions.

Blasts tend to provide area effects including boons and conditions while leaps provide personal effects like auras.

Here's an example of a complex series of blast combos on a water field producing large amounts of healing:  



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