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Petition to put Roller Beetle in WvW


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Hold 1 for Roll out, can run into other target mounts and dismount them (like the warclaw, lance dismounts you too). Cooldown 30sec.

Hold 2 for Wrecking ball, releasing the button to launch 3 foes into the air. Cooldown 5mins. 

Hold 3 for Barrier smash, can kamikaze into walls and gates and do 1% damage for every supply currently carried to a max of 10%, while also instantly killing the rider. Cooldown 5mins.

Hold 4 for Boost, Rapidly accelerate forward for several seconds and reduced turning control, uses endurance meter.

Hit 5 for Dismount, dismount your mount.


This isn't a serious request btw, it's a joke reaction to the request for turtle mount, I need to put a disclaimer after every post it seems.

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I've been asking for Roller Beatle in WvW for awhile. It might be as annoying as my open world pvp requests. 

I'm down and those Beatle skills look like fun. 

Our wingless griffon warclaw is sluggish and feels like trying to force an out of shape dog to be active when turning or doing almost anything on it. 

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I already asked for this and everyone hated me for it.


I say kitten it. Games are about fun. The game is un-balanced. Thieves can perma contest keeps and there really isnt any point in capturing stuff anyway outside of pip farming. Combat is what makes WvW fun. So why not add in the fastest mount?


The way the maps in WvW were designed are just begging to be rode on by a roller beetle. I want to see a group of bro's speed up on a hill and fly over a keep wall.... that kitten is what old gaming used to be. Just a clown fiesta of stupid kitten that was so out of balance nobody had hurt feelings because nobody took it seriously.

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To balance it out they could make it really hard to steer and low hp. Like a car with 500 hp, rear wheel drive on clean ice with slick tires and no breaks. And if you crash you go down immediately,  and if you crash hard you're dead. You can only mount it near your objectives (could also be a tactic).

Your 2 ability should be just standard feature if you hit enemies with high speed. Knockback would work better I think.

Crazy kamikaze beetle. Boon ball bowling.

I'm actually quite serious on the idea. Could be just an event that occurs periodically.


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38 minutes ago, Gorani.7205 said:

Please no. The suggestion doesn't even need arguments against it. It is just a bad idea for the game mode.

bad for a game mode thats already majorly bad? might as well make SOMETHING about the game mode actually fun.


zerging is unfun and pretty much requires you to be in a discord group otherwise its just random aoe spam. roaming is not a thing unless you want to get outnumbered and locked down or just fight a thief who will stealth and run til you are bored to tears.


i have had to run across the entire map to find a fight only to get jumped by 5 people. i spend more time running around looking for fights than actually fighting.


who cares about keeps. they constantly churn and turn. there is no real point in holding them and from what i have seen contesting keeps and longer fights is the only argument against them. why? fighting is fun. its what people are there for. let us have it and have fun riding around a big open hilly map while beating the kitten out of each other rapidly.

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