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T1: The Last Banner: Instantly resurrect the lord. 20min cooldown


T2: Lightning Banner:

#1 Lightning - Daze a target for 1sec, 600 range, 2sec cd

#2 Lightning drop - Drops a beam of lightning in 600 radius, 573 dmg, Fury 5sec, stun 1sec, 5 targets 10sec cd

#3 Wind Gust - Blows a breeze that dazes 5 targets for 1sec, 900 range, 15sec cd

#4 Electrify - Shoots a beam of lightning out that stuns targets crossing it for 1sec, 900 range, 3sec duration, 20sec cd

#5 Hurricane - Forks wind lightning and rain in a line 2000 range, dazes enemies for 1sec, heals allies for 2k, 20 targets, 5sec duration, 60sec cd


T3: The 300: Lord disappears for a coffee break for 1min, claim ring goes up, all ally players in objective gain 10% to all stats, guild members of the claim gain 20% stats. 30min cooldown.


T3: Null Storm: All players in objective lose all boons and conditions, cannot reapply boons or conditions for 1min. 20min cooldown.


Random events:

Random storm pass through random territories and add random effect on random durations 2-5mins, every random 15mins.

Agony effect.

Or Torment effect, 1 stack applied every 5sec.

Or Null effect, no boons, no conditions can exist in the territory.

Or 25% Speed boost.

Or 100% wxp

Or 2x PPK

Or 2x PPT

Or 50% Magic find

Or 100% extra participation earned

Or it rains with fog of effect effect

Or Random mistlock instability.


Upgrade mercenary camps.

Captured every 10 mins, every 3mins they spawn a group of 10 veteran npcs to attack a random enemy objective on the map, they move across the map with superspeed, love from anet. If no enemy objectives exist they turn and attack a random ally objective instead. They count toward the kill vet daily!


Show orange swords from all maps.


This joke suggestion is brought to you by, Snickers, taste the rainbow.

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35 minutes ago, Rider.6024 said:

random events needs to happen, would add so much stability to the gamemodes population

Unfortunately won't happen.

I mean they have two events they can give us, wxp bonus and no down state and can't even manage to run one monthly anymore since expansion release, should say something, once again.


Anet last year: WvW is a cornerstone! we has alliances betas! we has monthly wxp bonus events! Alliances when? this year!

Six months of wxp bonus events a once a month!

Expansion release: crickets...

Players: Hey anet about wv..

*cuts off*

Anet with scrunched confuzzled face: WHO?!

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