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The Meta is Almost There


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This was one of the more interesting MATs where a no support comp shut out a support comp and we saw more play of harbinger, willbender and untamed. I think overall that is good for the meta against bunker comps. I do think there are a couple things that need adjustments.

Untamed-The tail swipe damage is a bit too high. Nerf that just a bit and untamed will be good. I think a tempest is the only real counter as far as supports go, which doesnt see a lot of play in the AT.

Willbender-The cooldowns in virtues are too low and it gives them too much cleanse and stab. Adjust those a bit and I think this will be more counter playable.

Tempest- play the below build. Tempest is the better support in this meta and ill kiss anyones dad who says otherwise.


Swap to d/wh as an alternative. 

The reason I advocate for staff is because it offers better cleanse and peel for allies.  Also with 4 blast finishers I can spam ice aura and gives allies 10+ seconds of protection regen and vigor which is better than blasting water fields. This is also the better cleanse option if you take cleansing water.

This is a better support with better soft cc and zone denial than what every tempest is currently running. You have so much cc that its hard for enemies to commit to killing you simply by sitting in earth and using your utilities.

I also want to say that you can drop the res glyph in favor of flash freeze. This meta generates so many downs  that I feel like its a wasted slot in some matches. Most people will disagree. Ill kiss their dads too.

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