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Daily PvP Rated Game Winner

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Can we please remove this daily already?


Its not bad during league seasons when you can join a game in ranked and have a high chance to win (at least, if you're Gold-Plat it takes only 1-2 games), but in off-seasons everyone flocks to unranked so you get really strange games that tend to fail right and left. Much worse than the usual unranked.


Its extremely frustrating just trying to do a daily when you can spend the entire night losing every game. I don't want to be forced to do 2v2/3v3 just to get my daily, honestly.

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I'm not too unhappy about the mini seasons - now that I have the new elite spec from EoD. Played core engin before - now mechanist. (Pretty easy to play and to get wins.) Did not like the Holo and Scrapper in PvP/WvW.

I understand the thing about the achievements though. And you still can get a lot of losses during a running main season - when you get into a loss streak.

Mainly doing PvE and filling it up with PvE. And I rarely have that many "bad" PvE acahievements so I need 3 PvP ones. Usually there is always a vista and/or an easy jp for the PvE dailies for the 2g.

WvW I avoid for dailies - ruining my "participation" where at the end of a session I always try to end it with somethign that resets the timer to 10. (Mainly playing at reset friday to get the wood chest only.)

Occassionally though ... the top stats or player kill achievement seems more annoying - if you have to to other stuff permanently to secure the win - not focusing on doing 1 thing permanently to max a top stat during a match. Or if during a loss streak you get perma-pwnd (whole team) and can't even sneak in a kill lol. Worst case is 3 "bad" PvE dailies and having only 1 and needing 2 PvP to fill up the 3/3 and then getting a loss streak and having trouble with one of the other 2 cause of overpowered enemy teams.

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