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[EU] Above the Soul [SOUL] is recruiting (PvE - PvP)


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Above the Soul [SOUL] is a new guild looking to grow.

Looking for members (18+), any level. Whether you are new to the game, a returning player, or veteran looking for a guild a to evolve with, we would be proud to have you  join us.
We have regularly scheduled events such as: Guild Missions - Fractals - Dungeons - PvE - PvP
We just claimed our Isle of Reflection Guild Hall which we are proud of and excited to work on upgrading.
We use Discord for voice and about everything else we need to.
When it comes to representing the guild, it is only required when grouping for events together for guild missions, fractals, etc.
We are an international guild, so english is preferred.  Our members are on multiple servers.
We are a chill guild with lots of laughs combined with a sense of accomplishment. We are becoming a great group of people that helps each other.
Come evolve with us. All are welcome.
Our leaders and mentors will ofcourse help with any questions you have.
Contact us in game for an invite.




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