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Warclaw Utility Outside of WvW

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I REALLY like the warclaw. It's my favorite mount visually, and I love using it in WvW. The problem is that there's really no reason to use it outside of WvW, which yeah, I understand, it is THE WvW mount, not much purpose for it to be much of a thing outside of that, but I still think it'd be nice. I'd love the opportunity to use it more. I've heard people say it should just be an exact raptor reskin in pve but I don't think you'd have to be that extreme with it. I think, as an ambush predator, an interesting thing you could do with the warclaw in pve is give it a lower detection radius. In this case, it could still retain its extremely low speed, making it no better than the raptor, jackal and roller beetle, while also offering a unique utility the others cannot. It's just kind of a shame to me that warclaw has no real purpose outside of wvw, beyond fashion points of course.

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I went out of the way to get my Warclaw for PVE use. It's great for escort event dailies. I pop my apple and mount my Warclaw and people know that a) I'm not going to be stealing all the kills with some fancy dismount maneuver b) I probably don't know anything exists past the 1 key, so I won't be stealing kills that way either. (Oh, and for defend dailies, the tea set is just as awesome). 

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I'd love some baseline functionality for PvE.

I think we should also have a "Commander Cat" Warclaw skin, which the warclaw would have it's own Catmander tag above it's head.

Its leaps and speed should retain it's functionality in WvW as it currently is.

My suggestions in PVE:

It should run as fast as the Jackal (625 u/s) does, personally.

It should be able to climb short walls, like a cat would.



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I think it would be nice for the warclaw to have better functionality in PvE, but I also don't think it would be worth it for them to invest resources into doing that when we have mounts that already have great functionality in PvE. I can't see them adding anything to the Warclaw in PvE that would make it unique enough, or good enough, to be worth doing.

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Seconded about letting the warclaw do bonus damage to openworld environmental hazards / siege sorta like the turtles do. Not gonna lie, would be kinda neat seeing a bunch of warclaws yanking down a gate while siege turtles are parked behind blasting the rubble down. Sniff could be a situational replacement for folks who don't have Nuhoch stealth, etc. I don't think it needs to be any faster, it's fine as is.


That being said, apparently its engage can do a fair bit of damage. I was running around in a lowbie zone on a power dps with the warclaw, just pouncing and one-shotting everything for a slayer achieve. Was kinda fun tbh. xD

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