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[NA] Necro player looking for a static raid group

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Hello all.  I'm Drarnor Kunoram.5180 (455 mastery level) in game and, as the title says, I'm a Necro main that has gotten a taste of raiding and wants so much more.  I'm looking for a static raid group, preferably one that's a bit more chill.  CM's are not a priority, though I'm not opposed to eventually learning them once I have the normal modes down.


I am fully geared for DPS (power and condi), and Healscourge and can do decently with Quickharb.  I am not terribly effective with other professions, though I am working on expanding that.


I do regular strikes and T4 fractals (personal level 100).  I just had my first non-training group raid experience last night and 1-pulled CA, Largos, and Adina, 2-pulled Sabir. (though did not attempt Q2).  Even in training, I have killed Slothasaur, Escort (not that this is hard), W4 aside from Deimos, and gotten good training on KC.  I have watched all of Mukluk's "get to the point" raid videos, so I'm not totally ignorant to all the different mechanics.


I do have Discord, so joining a channel for raiding is perfectly acceptable.


Please feel free to whisper or mail me in-game or DM me here on the forums.

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