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Perhaps the RNG mount skin is a marketing thing...

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Anet has been trying hard to get people to talk about the game for years. Now we have this RNG mount skin issue that has been given a lot of attention across the Internet. Overnight Anet has people talking about GW2 that gave it little attention in the past, example Jim Sterling. His video on the topic as of now has almost 68,000 views. I have not seen a GW2 related video from any major GW2 personality ever get anything even close to that. Not to mention all the other gaming sites reporting on it.

So maybe this was looked at as a win/loss. Anet gets a ton of attention to their product but at the same time they make a lot of current customers angry. Anet like any business wants to acquire new customers. Let's face it, as mad as it makes current customers most that buy gems with cash will continue to do so after this washes over. They will still log in and play the game and very few paying customers will actually quit over this. In the mean time those on the outside reading and watching all the videos on the topic might wonder what GW2 is all about. Maybe they never heard of it to start with. The bad press of RNG mounts aside, maybe they will give it a try after looking into what else the game is about aside from mount skins. Suddenly Anet has a new set of potential paying customers.

tl;dr Anet just created the biggest amount of publicity for the game they have had in ages, good or bad, intentional or not. Like it or not mount skins are a very small part of the game and GW2 just got a lot of attention.

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