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How will guild claiming of objectives work with Alliances?

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Unlikely, just because alliance functionality is added it doesn't mean guilds go away.

The only reason for any of this to become an issue is if the code is so spaghetti that something illogically breaks internally or if they design a problem like that into the system for no good reason. Both would be, well, illogical.

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Nothing will change with claims.

Alliances is just grouping guilds up so they can get into the same world on recreations, and you only pick a wvw guild in order to be  placed in the same world with the people of that guild/alliance. WvW will play exactly the same as it does now, you can rep and claim with whatever guild, even players in the guild who end up in different worlds will still be able to claim with the guild on their world, as they do now.

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Indeed no difference whatsoever from today unless Anet expand the alliance management system to something you can "represent" similar to a guild and use for claiming objectives. But even in that case I would argue such a system most likely work side by side guild claiming.

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