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Use Basic Salvage Kit for Common Unidentified Gear?

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I never sell UG on the tp, so I do not feel qualified to answer you on that part. Time is money and it would certainly be the most hassle-free approach. If you go the salvage route, yes, it is better to identify before salvaging, though again the benefits are marginal enough that some people consider it not to be worth their time. The benefit is that a portion (about 10% for Common UG) of the identified gear will turn out to be of higher quality.

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Identify and salvage.  Open a stack, if you have not expanded you bags slots/size can be a bit of a pain, but there is a way to make it a bit less painful.  You can leave your salvage kits in the bank.  Open your bank, move the stack of Unids into your inventory, using the side of the bank screen that shows your inventory right click the stack and "use all".  This will ID items until your inventory is full and there is one item that is waiting for you to collect.  Double click the remaining stack of Unids to move it back to the bank, freeing a slot to collect that one item.  Then right click on a salvage kit in your bank and select the Salvage All option you prefer, probably greens and lower.  This will salvage only the items that are in your inventory, not anything in the bank.  It is best to leave a couple of slots in your inventory empty to start, so when the first few items are salvaged if you get materials and luck, etc out of them the extra parts have a place to go.  Once all the items in your inventory have salvaged double click the rest of the stack un Inid that is in the bank to move it back to inventory and repeat as needed.

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