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Bladesworn: What off hand are you all using?


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Mostly solo PVP or open world PvE


I have switched between both pistol and axe and torn about which one to spend the gold and upgrade on..  


I like axe for a the aoe spin and the dps on.  But pistol 5 hit really hard also and I seem to generate more flow using pistol


so what do the experts say??



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i use pistol/bullcharge for plat 2 pvp, because i find my skill can make up for the lack of warhorn/shield sustain in current state of ranked,

and pistol allows me to actually kill enemy fast comboed with bullcharge, to actually carry the team. when ranked in higher plat1+ plat 2(NA), you need to start hard carrying. and running warhorn/shield definitely have very minimum carry potential but you definitely live longer..

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