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will there be more rush weeks?

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While season one returning is great, for veteran players it is rather underwhelming offering a few hours of gameplay to finish all the new achieves and story. Brining back rush weeks can incentivize players to be more active and allow content that lack players to get some more play. Could even add in some old novelties or skins that are currently unobtainable as incentives to try this content rather than needing to create new toys/gimmicks. I would also love to see the mystic forge researcher return and eat up excessive items that you cannot even sell on the trading post such as eye of Kormir or the mini professor mews from fractals. create a sink that makes some of these items have at least some value rather than be just trash items that many players will just delete. 

Fractal rush.

meta rush.

mystic forge researcher.

wvw evnts



There could even be requirements to do certain metas from a list for credit. things such as the marionette and some of the less touched metas to give newer players a chance to see these metas that are rarely done run more often.

perhaps adds

hot rush (focus mainly on the heart of thorns metas.) perhaps include a step to do each meta once.

pof rush. (to focus on path of fire metas) the  maw of torment and serpents ire are two metas that do not get ran nearly enough.

dungeon rush week. (try to get players doing dungeons again)

strike rushes (focus on getting players back into strike missions and give some love to the ones ran less often such as forging steel.

fishing rush. (try to get players who got burnt out from the terrible drop rates of saltwater fishing back into it for a little.)

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