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Kaineng meta event stuck

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Just had a run of the Kaineng City blackout meta event were Mizuki got stuck at the "south substation" POI (last part of the escort event). Event text said "Wait for Mizuki to disable the breaker" but nothing happened. Eventually the event timed out and failed.


Some things that might be relevant:
- Defending the breakers was done successfully, there were at least 3 people defending at each breaker
- North escort event went a lot faster then south. So around the time the north substation was being captured the south group was at the second breaker box

- There was around 3-4 minutes left when the event got stuck

- Around 30 people were near Mizuki/south substation POI so any enemy that would spawn was gone in seconds,


Hope this gets fixed, commanding the meta for the first time and having it bug out is a bit of a letdown.

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