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[EU] [WvW] Loose Dogs [LD] - Smallscale/Roaming guild recruitment is open


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Loose Dogs [LD] is a small guild with a core team of gw2 wvw and pvp veterans. The tag is pretty recent but we roam the wvw maps since 2012.


We run as a 3-5 men raid mainly on EU prime time, looking for fights. We tipically engage bigger guild groups, kite to death small pug zergs and accept GvG scrims (Youtube links below). 


We are on Fort Ranik world, currently looking for 1 or max 2 members to join our team. Support main is highly preferred!



  1. discord to communicate, we speak italian and english
  2. willingness to adapt to our comps, switch builds and/or profession if needed
  3. a minimum individual skill is required, we take high risk-high reward fights



Discord: Xunleashed#9658

In-Game: Xunleashed.5271


See us in action:





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