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Question about power Revenant


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Although I know condi Rev is better than power now. I still want to know about Kalla power build  close combat style

1. sigil of severance can stack or extend time?
  If I try Kalla build ,  i think about Notoriety + sigil of cruelty or Severance which interrupts trigger.  And other options is sigil of strength + assassins presented. Which one can max damage and more stable.


2. I see many build use sigil of cleaning.  What about sigil of generosity? 


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Sigil of severance is good on staff since you can start a fight/dps phase in staff break defiance bar while proccing the sigil then keeping the buff a few seconds as you swap to swords to do your damage. Sigil of cruelty is pretty much always worse than bloodlust but bloodlust is a good option to put on staff as you can finish off fights with staff to get stacks for the next encounter. For swords use some combination of force, impact, or air. If you can change sigils on the fly (which legendary gear makes easy) sigil of night and slaying sigils become situationally best in slot.


Cleansing and generosity sigils are just a defensive option against enemies that inflict lots of conditions. Both good options for wvw but generally less useful in pve.

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