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Can Emblem of the Avenger be removed from the game?


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Since the legendary armory introduction, there is not use for Emblems of the Avenger, however they still drop. Can the game be updated to remove them, and can we have a clear statement from arenanet acknowledging that they wont be used for anything in the future. 

So that I (and I guess, other people as well) can get rid of them.

If that's not possible to remove them, but it is confirmed that they are useless, would it be possible to mark them as junk items in game?

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Because it's worse than garbage atm (can't even be vendored and you have to type to delete it).

Spikes > Avenger

Bloodstone dust > Avenger

Either just make it a currency or a junk vendorable item. Let people buy ascended food or stat select gear or something.

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