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Unable to Use mystic forge to stat change ascended weapons to ritualist

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I can't get the mystic forge to take the ritualists orichalcum imbued inscription to stat change a viper's piece to ritualist. Of note also is that there are no backpieces available, and worse only 2 trinkets per elite spec and apparently you have to do harvest temple 2x on each and every class to even get the ascended trinkets which are a ring and accessory that you can only by once per account?? I'm thinking that this has to be a bug as even the mist rings that cost 100 pristine fractal relics do not have ritualists on them. Even raid ascended gear and trinkets don't offer the stats and they used to have POF before you could get them everywhere. Mind you I have legendary armor - but not a legendary backpiece or trinkets. You can't have intended to lock everyone without a legendary backpiece from getting ritualists gear, and you must have made a mistake limiting purchases of ascended accessories and rings to 1 each for each elite per account. I hope you get this fixed up soon - otherwise the very vast majority of people won't' be able to make real use of the new stats. Especially stat changing ascended - you need to let us mystic forge ascended gear to ritualists.

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