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Selling Incandescent Dust

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According to TP, I can sell 250 Incandescent Dust for a couple of gold profit.

According to this site, if I'm reading it correctly, I can craft that dust into stuff that will make me 8 gold profit.



Is there any reason not to work towards telling it for the 8 gold? There has to be a catch, or people would just buy ID and sell the crafted items.

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I guess I could do that myself, thank you for pointing it out. But I will not do it. Why? The conversion process and the research you have to do to figure the optimal conversion are time sinks. You will find countless videos more or less claiming "take just a few minutes per day to do xyz and you will get rich." If you add up all these "few minutes per day", crafting and playing the tp will eat up the actual fun time of playing the game.

I am not saying don't do it. Ensuring one's baseline cash flow can enhance enjoyment of the game, but then there is only so much you can do without the game turning into a second job.

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Most crafting materials which drop can be turned into something more valuable. Some people will do that, others won't, some will do it occasionally or only for certain items.

As @Harfang.1507said a lot of it comes down to knowing how to find the best recipes to make and sell and taking the time to go through the steps. If you're already looking at what to do with a material you have a lot of that's probably a sensible thing to do, if you're just trying to clear a bunch of stuff from your inventory before the next event or logging off you may not even think about it and if you don't feel you're short on gold you may not think it's worth doing.

I also know some people who absolutely refuse to do any crafting in any MMO, ever. Even if they're told it's quick and simple and not as much of a commitment in other games, even if they know it can be profitable. Some people won't do raids or dungeons or PvP, others won't craft anything.

In this specific case there's also the fact that it's time-gated, so you can only make 1 per day and requires other materials which are not quite as common and more valuable so some players may decide they'd rather keep those to make other things.

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