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How about a 3rd Sigil but with a reduced health penalty?


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As of right now, it'd probably make a lot of things worse considering how engagements in GW2 are generally always enacted via a rapid exchange of cooldowns which passively mitigate player risk (i.e. "What's the point of having an HP pool penalty if a player is constantly evading, blocking, and/or teleporting while in burst/escape mode?").  That said, you're at least suggesting something novel and interesting.  GW2 should have had a lot more trade-offs for the kinds of burst and survival options that the average build hands out to players for free.  It also would have been an interesting way to circumvent the big complaints about how nobody can customize stats in PvP.  Let people run some CANNED SIR stat combos, but it would eventually hit diminishing returns or a fat cut into base HP (or even deny trait options almost like everything were tied to a single pool of "upgrade points" rather than a bunch of independent, passive bonuses with zero interaction or respective downsides).

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