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2 PART QUESTION: Sigil of Fire + Permeating Wrath (COUNTS AS HIT/MULTI HIT?)


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hello I have a 2 part question related to the sigil of fire. I know it's an on crit flame blast effect with a cool down of 5 seconds. I understand this.

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First part:
Does Sigil of Fire's PROC / Flame Blast count as a ' hit ' in terms of Permeating Wrath's (trait) Number of Attacks to Trigger: 3 
In other words, say I hit an enemy 2 times and Sigil of Fire PROCS that would be the 3rd hit also making the perm-wrath trait BURN. (?)
Please give this some thought.

Second part:(if first part even works that is)
Seeing Sigil of Fire / flame blast radius is 240, and it can effect up to 5 foes, ( I know it only PROCS one time but, ..) do the 5 hits in combination with Perm-Wrath count as hitting the enemies.
Example: 5 enemies around me, Sig-fire / Flame blast PROCS hitting all 5 enemies would it count as 5 hits with permeating wrath or just the one hit in terms of the trait.

I'm not sure how to (properly) test this myself.  Might be easier on Non-WB class to test this out.

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While sigil of fire gives a quick boost for permeating wrath's hits count when it triggers, and 5s ICD isn't terribly bad either,  but it's constrained by number of foes around you to maximize benefit.  Even then, the 2 sigil slots are heavily contested by  very competitive effects of 20% burning duration and +5% condi damage.  I suppose sigil of fire works ok as a budget option, but I don't think it can compete well  if you happen to have options. 

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