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Improve the UI for buffs/debuffs/mechanics

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The UI is in need of an update, in particular where buffs/debuffs are concerned.


Everything just gets thrown in as a buff or debuff, which are clustered together into  rediculously long lines of ever shifting icons.

-Profession mechanics should have dedicated UI elements designed for tracking them. 

-boons/conditions are okay, but other unique effects need to be sorted better, particularly effects that aren't directly related to combat performance such as boosters.

-screen wide effects and audio queues are great, but icons for fight mechanics should have dedicated UI space as well


I know "play the game, not the ui" was a major part of their design philosophy. But the game has an incredibly big problem with visual clairty, so you can't always rely on seeing effects in the game world. Even putting that aside, a super long line of buff icons is just messy and difficult to parse.

Improving UI clarity will actually help players rely on the UI less and keep their focus on the game world.

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