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Untamed Mechanic Ideas


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What if the spec mechanic was having both pets out at the same time and the f5 function was "untaming" our pets so they go berserk similar to how the human racial elite "Hounds of Balthazar" functions. When untamed you can't recall your pets until they have calmed down (Just put recall on a 10 second cooldown when f5 is pressed).


The Utility skills could be changed to support the pets, probably moving the f1-f3 abilities to the utility skills themselves.


Remove all spore related abilities from untamed as well as these are more druidlike.


Fuse all of the hammer abilities because having 2 modes for just hammer is awkward. (Make hammers unleashed ambush the main attack of hammer. Just let us spin forever!)


Get rid of ambush abilities also or just find a way to incorporate them into our current weapon kits. 


Pretty much the idea is to take the focus off the player and put it into our pets by making them the focus of the class. Since we already have soulbeast and us being untamed is strange.

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