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My review after Doing the entirity of the story + 200 Games in SPVP with Spectre


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i think to easily sum up my experience would be.

Great Specc. Weapon abilities a Let down.

Sceptre feels incredibly boring in both PvE and PvP.

in PvP, you can barely use the weapon surrounding its Initiative costs, it seems like such a lazy way to manage weapons and it Removes fun, Yes things need to balanced, however there are better ways to address problems then just making thief unable to use its abilities.

In PvE the lack of Cohesion between the specc and its weapon options quite litterally means only 1 Ability in its entire weapon options is actually Useful. and its the Sceptres/Daggers Dual Attack alone.

PvP Power Spectre has abit more wiggle room in terms of what it can do and initative feels ALOT Better when playing this specc. but in PvE Spectre lacks a Alternative.

I love the Spectre not being a full support but this true hybrid which can bring useful utility and good options. it has alacrity allowing it to fill vital roles. it can Single target heal which can allow you to flex into some interesting options. it has a very high skill cap and Alot to offer, its Shroud abilities feel great and the Wells are amazing, so props for the design and execution of the specc of itself.


IMHO a Look into initiative costs and Weapon abilities and maybe wiggling the balance around surrounding these would make such a Massive improvement to the speccs gameplay, Sure balancing this differently would require more resources Likely less of a Quick fix but the problem is the Nerfs feel terrible because they're making thief sooo restriction, Balance is important and i doubt any real thief main is Desiring to be Overpowered. but when the Nerfs implemented are directly making the proffession feel worse to play imho its a problem.





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