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Heart of Thorns: stuck in Silverwastes after the Prolog

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I completed the prolog to Heart of Thorns and am now at Torn from the sky at "Determine the fate...etc". 
However I am stuck in SW Silverwastes and must have ported out or done something before continuing 
to Versant Brink as there is no next step shown beyond "Determine the fate...". 

I have a feeling that as the prolog for HoT shows as completed and the next step for HoT shows
"Torn from the sky" and the next step shows correctly "Determine the fate of the Pact fleet" 
that the Story Journal is intact and correct, there must be a way for me to get to Verdant Bank or
back to the location for viewing the fleet etc. There is no pathway or port I can find to get to
the next quest location from SW Silverwastes. The green star is there to the south west in the dark.
I'll keep looking as I play other story lines.

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