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Possible WvW Improvements From A PvX Guild's Perspective Vanguards Of Ascension [VoA]:


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PSA This is a repost(ish.) It was originally in the WvW Beta Feedback Thread (cause the intro dev post asked for WvW ideas to be put there.) But someone suggested this belonged in the General WvW Discussion section so I'll throw it up here as well. 😃 Apologies to the forum mods; if I need to delete / move the old post let me know. | TL;DR Tho is: Make the 3 game modes meaningfully interact in a way that doesn't feel prohibitive if you don't do any of them.


A brief background on us (so you know what perspective you're getting.)
  - 9 Year-old Guild with a more diverse focus on every game mode (PvX)
  - ~ 20% Members: Are at the end-of-endgame (fullclear raids, fotm CMs weekly, At or nearing rank 10,000 in WvW, Many members at or in Plat 3, and/or 40K+ AP, etc.)
  - ~ 80% Members: Are newer or just-starting-out, or more sporadic players. (Sub 10K AP, 1,000 hour playtime etc.)
  - If you'd like more information on us it can be found at: www.VanguardsOfAscension.com


Ideas for WvW (from our perspective ofc):


  - Goals: Encourage more interaction & reward between game modes
  - From A PvX Persepective: WvW As a gamemode was originally conceived, at least somewhat, of as the end-of PvE. A place where you could take some of the gear / experience that you have from

PvE / PvP and translate it into more macro-group play. (Whether that is Solo, Small-Group Roaming, or Zerging.) However WvW has something that the other game-modes lack in our opinion, despite being less rewarding it's much MUCH more FUN for longer periods of time. Partially because you're most likely interacting with your friends in a more dynamic way during it. To this end a lot of our suggestions focus on maximizing the FUN aspect of WvW, as well as facilitating interactions with players across game modes.

Specific Ideas:
  * These will be given as Game Mode Earned to > Game Mode Affected (or where the "resource" or "reward" could be redeemed)


 PvE > WvW:
  - What: Have Fractal (e.g. Chunks of The Solid Ocean, etc.) & Raid Tokens (e.g. Cardinal Adina's Token) used to craft single-use, stronger, WvW Tactivators
  - Why (Function):
     Even without added rewards, WvW has immense replay value in it's current itteration. However, somewhat ironically PvE content does not outside of individual weekly clears.
     If such high-end tokens were used to craft single-use tactivators, it would incentivize not only PvE guilds to help guildies outside of their static groups clear Raids & Fractals as well a encourage more WvW-Focused Guilds to recruit PvE players who could contribute in some way. Even if those players never set foot in the WvW game-mode itself.

      For fun we of-course came up with our own suggestions for what some of these tactivators could look like:
        x 30 Dhuum Tokens >> Spawns "Dhuum's Echo" Mob to run around the Boss Room of A Keep for 30 seconds *As a side note, we really want this one & if you can implement literally any of the changes on this list please do this one because it would be hysterical.*
        x 30 Vale Guardian Fragments >> Splits a Keep Lord into 3 seperate colors that take drastically reduced damage from different sources and drastically increased damage from other sources. (i.e. The Red version would be hyper susceptible to condition damage but resistant to physical, the blue one would need boon strip, the green one could have a cc bar that needs to be broken)

        x 50 (Any Raid Tokens) >> 1 of the following:
         - Spawns: The Hands from The Cardinal Adina fight to bombard the zerg
         - Spawns: The Lesser Tornados from The Cardinal Sabir fight to bounce around a tower / keep (The ones that just launch not insta-kill)
         - Spawns: 3 Lesser "Flame Walls" from the Soulless Horror Fight that burns (instead of insta-killing) both allies & enemies whom they pass through
         - Spawns: Sabitha's Flame Wall to rotate around a lord's room (that burns (instead of insta-killing) both allies & enemies whom is passes through
         - Spawns: Gorseval's "Spectral Prison" (Egg) attack to pulse x3 times for enemies in a keep or tower
         - Gives: Everyone near the tactivator a single use "Special Action Sword" from The Conjured Amalgamate fight, useable in that Tower or Keep

        x 15 Chunks of the Solid Ocean >> Slippery Slope Tactivator for the enemy in Keeps & Towers
        x 3 Norn Holo-Dancers >> "Social Awkwardness" for the Enemy in Keeps
        x 10 Cubes of The Solid Ocean >> Activates a "Random" Instability for the Enemy Zerg in Keeps
        x 5 Chunks of the Solid Ocean >> Adds "Random Mobs" from Fractals to Camps as Guards


 WvW > PvE:
   - What: Have best-in-slot PvE food, or at the very least new & different but good, ascended food craftable only with WvW resources.
   - Why: This would encourage PvE players to venture into WvW if for no other reason to get food for clears.

   - What: Make the Warclaw aoe movespeed buff affect allies in PvE as well.
   - Why: Currently there is no incentive to have a Warclaw outside of WvW as it is easily the slowest of the mounts, other than the fact that it can still tag 10 targets with it's small dismount attack. If it still provided the movespeed buff it would at least provide some utility for veterans to use to help new players.


 WvW > PvP:
  - What: Give bonus PvP reward track progress if you queue from a WvW map if your participation is Tier 5 or higher.
  - Why: PvP as it is is quite a rewarding game-mode (in terms of gold.) However as the game mode takes you out of your current WvW map and cannon feasibly place you back where your queue pops from, it severely de-incentivizes people to queue from a WvW map. A meaningful rewards bonus would go a long way to incentivizing players to interact across the two game modes that are supposed to be the most ubiquitous.


 Other Ideas:
  - Why: We cannot stress enough how under-utilized the current Guild Mission system is. Even 9 years-later with no new rewards added, guild missions remain a regular weekly event for us. If new missions were added, with different rewards (other than those purchasable with guild comms,) for example adding +10% HP to all structures claimed by your guild if you did the missions that week, we would most definitely do them weekly as well.

  - What: Make Guild Siege buyable with guild comms and PvP ascended shards (this has to be cheap as these are limited) or a new PvP account-bound resource, / Fix Guild Omega Siege Golems being worse than non-Guild Ones. (The current siege is not placeable.)
  - Why: Guild Siege is invaluable, especially in small-group roaming because of it's lower siege build cost. As such we feel that it should be more readily obtainable, either through actions such as taking objectives with low-man groups, or from other game modes.

  - What: Add better rewards for defending objectives & either succeeding or failing.
  - Why: This would incentivize more skirmishes, even if the people defending something were drastically outnumbered.

  - What: Unlimit the 10,000 Rank Cap
  - Why: Why is it limited in the first place? Just let it keep going forever without increased rewards above 10,000. Big numbers are fun! 😄  

  - What: Give Warclaws 2 Charges of aegis & 1 health (effectively 3 packets of damage to dismount) and slightly increase their movement speed
  - Why: Warclaws should be primarily a movement utility and not a means of effectively having extra health so you can kite or troll

  - What: Nerf the stats that Celestial Gear gives by about 20%.
  - Why: For roaming and small groups it's wayyy too good right now. Compared to 3-stat gear which gives around 3200 total stat points (when you use similar food) celestial gear + food gives 6200 stat points, which is ridiculous. The addition of concentration & expertise, while making lots of builds viable, also pretty much nullified build crafting. It's no longer min-maxing the clear answer on anything that's not specialized for zerging is now "just run celestial" which pretty much ruined build crafting. We would much rather seem more *useful* 3, 4, & possibly 2 stat combos like the theoretical pre-EoD ritualist stat of: Condi Concentration -Main- Expertise Precision -Minor-

  - What: Once the DX11 rollout is complete, if it is no-longer causing drastic lag, re-enable the central cannon meta-event on the Desert Borderland
  - Why: It was a fun event that added importance to grouping across maps for a single-important fight & could be quite fun with the alliance rollout.

  - What: Add a new map (to replace one of the existing forested maps)
  - Why: Variety is fun.

   Possible Map Contents:
    1 Keep that's underwater based on time of day. Tide/Ocean Themed
     > Would facilitate actually knowing / using underwater builds
    Camps that give no score by themselves, but triple score if most or all of them are held
     > Would more meaningfully reward roamers who do not like to play in larger groups
    Events on the map the yield war-score or that give WvW-relevant drops (e.g. account-bound Guild Catapults) (other than vet creatures that spawn)
     > Again would more meaningfully reward roamers who do not like to play in larger groups

Anyway that's about it. We didn't want to make the list too exhaustive because words are easy & work's hard after all. Our genuine thanks going out to everyone working on the WvW update, DX11 implementation, & at ArenaNet in general. We're hugely looking forward to EoD and can't wait to see what the future holds for Guild Wars 2!
Cheers & See you all in Tyria,

 Pseudo & The [VoA] Team

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Wait, power creeping tactivators and putting them behind raids? That's never going to happen.

I think the simpler thing to do is being able to buy siege and tacts with fractal or raid currencies, but it makes zero sense to have  stronger things of WvW that have to be acquired outside of it. This creates an unnecessary gate that isn't present in either game mode (except for fractals, but even in fractals it is self sufficient).

You must realize the only real requirement to being competitive in  either raids or WvW is simply being level 80 and having gear. And gear can be acquired in many different ways. (with the exception of those funky dungeon runes/sigils but that's already struggling for a reason to exist.) This is a fundamental appeal of this game in that you can pick and choose what you want and still not suffer any significant loss in power.


When guild halls first came out, it forced many WvW guilds to have to farm a lot of resources and do pve, and that simply destroyed a lot of the smaller guilds-- needless to say I don't care to see that happen again.

Now, putting instabilities in tactivators would actually be funny, but any method of acquisition needs to be WvW centered and would obviously need to be heavily  toned down..

I feel like this is the flaw of the whole post, in that you appear to be focusing on your own group's needs too much. A more cynical take is that it seems to be trying to suggest changes to your (and your group's) advantage but I'd rather not assume so. Still, it's hard to shake this feeling.

I do think they should improve guild missions, revamp siege traders, and let the warclaw give speed boosts in pve. You can already buy guild siege with commendations though.

Oh, and I think they should unify all +stat/agony and +stat/wvw infusions; they should provide both bonuses.

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