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Suggestions to Anet


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Hey, after playing for more than 6 months i have some suggestions that i think are "urgent" for the game.


1 - Rework Achivements, specially setting a new tab with important side storys that have dialogues that gets buried into the achivement stuff and people miss. (under the name of Colletions) @Bobby Stein.3612

2- Rework Core Game experience, specially focusing on showing players mechanics like: breakbars, boons, squads, instanced content etc.. (and the Zaithan fight, aswell as dialogues/cinematics)

3 - Rework LFG, its really weird and hard to find activity over Tyria, maybe with a dedicated tab?

4- Improve Squad UI, to be easier to make teams.

5 - Set DX11 as default and improve FPS drops specially when using "H" and "G" to access guild and various things.

6 - New Canthan PvP map, aswell as making the chats more clear? we have a group chat and a team chat, it took me ages to find out cos the game told me i wasnt in any group.

7 - Use your youtube account to promote big stuff like "Studio Update" with @Rubi Bayer.8493or other person showing the new stuff, aswell as market more instanced pve/pvp content.

8 - Get a permanent quality team to fix bugs across the whole game, i know you are doing a hard work on that right now, but more needs to be done! 😄

9 - Clarification if we are getting more Raids in the future.

10 - Partner with Twitch for gw2 drops when watching gw2 streams, that will highly increse the numbers on the platform aswell as the publicity for the game!


Thanks for reading, i know a few of them are in the works, but i wanted to share this with the forum and hopefully devs! 

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