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A Few Quick Defense Ideas


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Some of these have been posted before, either by myself or by others, but I was bored and these could be potentially useful in case the ANet devs were interested in any trait line ideas for the patch coming up in June.  


Armored Attack:

Convert 12% toughness into Power AND Precision (or ferocity)


Rationale: Basically give it the "Great fortitude" treatment; 12% because toughness is almost always a secondary  trait (unlike Power used by GF).  This allows Warrior to address its need for damage mitigation by investing in toughness without completely tanking its DPS.


Hardened Armor:

Gain resolution when you block or are inflicted with a damaging condition (makes more sense than critical hit)

Incoming damage reduced by 20% when you have Resolution


Rationale:  Helps address Warrior's need for damage reduction.  Buffing the Damage reduction brings it in line with Soulbeast's Second Skin trait.


Defy Pain:

Gain Barrier (3k)  and protection (3s) when struck below the health threshold (50%).  60s CD.


Rationale:  Not the most inspired re-work, but true to the spirit of the original trait while removing the problematic damage immunity and stun-break components.  Fixes a 300s CD trait.


Last Stand:

Activating a stance skill cleanses 2 conditions and grants Vigor (6s).

Stances last 25% longer.


Rationale:  Fixes a 300s CD skill.  Functions the same as Ranger's Wilderness Knowledge trait.  If certain stance CDs were properly adjusted (Berserker Stance to 20s, Balanced Stance to 40s in all game modes), stances would both be very useful and could provide a compelling alternative to Shake It Off.  It's not perfect, because cleansing conditions with Defiant Stance could potentially rob you of some healing, but I'd say it'd be a pretty good deal overall.  (@Lan Deathrider.5910 I think this was your idea originally.  Giving credit where it's due!)


Cleansing Ire:

Gain adrenaline when struck.

Gain Resistance (2s) when you use a burst skill.

Gain Resolution (2s) for each bar of adrenaline spent.


Rationale: provides a means of generating resolution (which synergizes with Hardened Armor).  Provides means of gaining resistance on Burst use to give War some counterplay to blind/weakness robbing you of your DPS.  No longer cleanses conditions so as not to be redundant with the changes to Last Stand.






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I think I said something like that before for LS. It's a tough trait to theme since some stances are offense and others defense.

Having it pulse boons like vigor, resistance, quickness, and stability fits the whole 'last stand' theme better without negating Defiant Stance.

Edit: also it is worth increasing the duration s by a flat 1s rather than 25%.

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