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Buff the outnumbered Buff and Siege


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Instead of increasing player damage and defenses which would be an awful idea. Apply a buff to siege weapons that would activate when a player with the outnumbered buff is using a siege weapon and maybe a no downstate debuff for the servers with numbers when near a outnumbered structure.

Siege now is in a state where the game was less heals and boon share so the damage being ramped up was actually detrimental to a players ability to survive and take objectives at lower numbers. But now if you don't have at least 3+ arrow carts to defend against a boonblob there getting in regardless and the structure is just free. This is such a morale killer to those who just want to play and be effective on low uptime servers in a mode where everything is just getting snowballed by the bigger number which makes people not want to participate in the mode.

Even if this isnt the solution there needs to be more change that promotes tactical warfare instead of brute forcing everything with powercreeping mechanics. Please save your mode or allow the community to at least help free of charge.

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siege really must not be buffed. u can amass it too much and too easy yet. before we talk bout siege dps buffs, talk about heavy number caps of siege per map instance.


if i may give u a simple example of what needs buffs/improvements:

-  the keep tactics of "auto turrets" ... it's a meme since i started entering Wvw the first time... HOW even can that not get fixed. it's literally doing nothing. nice thing.

- NPC animals mustn't be attackable so they don't interfere with any fighting

- avenger emblems drop a lot and have literally zero use

- eotm is a zombie map


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On 5/1/2022 at 1:22 AM, Ruru.1302 said:

Apply a buff where if you have outmanned any enemy you down dies instantly (no downstate)

this advice could be interesting, at least to try, definitely fun.

let's say it is activated when the enemy exceeds you by at least 20%

in fact in this way you do not question the ability of the players who clash, give a little help to those who are numerically and indisputably are inferior.

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