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Tracked achievements behavior

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Until recently, adding an achievement to my watch list would put it at the top of the list, but now they seem to be sorted by % completed. Did I accidently change a setting somewhere or did this change for everyone? I like to track the dailies I want to do each day, but now they go below all the long term achievements and I can't see them without clicking on more, which honestly defeats the purpose.

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There is a dropdownlist at the top-right corner of Watch List
- Tier Completion
- Total Completion
- Custom

What you want is "Custom", however, this sorting has its own problem, old items will be pushed to the bottom when watching new items, have to re-watch the item to push it to the top again

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I did not know about either of these options.

Admittedly I like to keep my tracked achievements to a minimum (usually 1-3 max) to avoid having a huge list of text on the screen, so the order doesn't matter much, but it's nice to know there are options.

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