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Thanks for helping my birthday be worthwhile this year.

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When you get older nobody really gives a crap when you have a birthday unless you have some kid make you a macaroni picture of abstract sculpture made out of clay. How ever you guys helped make it worth while this year.

First my wife started playing again, so it's nice to spend time with her doing something we both enjoy for a change.

Second some community members really came through helping my wife out with dyes, that was fun watching her reactions unlocking dyes and seeing her struggle with inventory wars.

Third you buffed Power Reapers, that really did wonders for my mood.

Other than that no one seemed to notice in Facebook so I had maybe 6 of my 100 plus so called friends acknowledge my Birthday. My RN co-workers didn't seem to care even though they always seem happy when I haul their rears out of the fire on a daily basis as a Patient Care Tech at a hospital, others got recognition on theirs what ever I guess. My Mother messaged me on Facebook but didn't bother calling me, I guess she was too busy with her Billiards League to bother, my Grandmother thinks I'm dead I guess.

But you guys really brightened what was a pretty lack luster experience in the real world.

So thank you for being you I guess.

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